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Welcome to the Italian Input List

The Italian Input List is a public register of inputs that may legally be used by certified organic farmers in Italy. It is published by FiBL in close collaboration with Federbio. The Italian Input List is a result of thorough evaluation of commercial products against relevant legislation and requirements. FiBL and Federbio are supported by the Advisory Board of the Italian Input List composed of representatives of various research institutes (IBIMET-CNR, CREA, Fondazione MACH, IAMB, Università di Cagliari, Laimburg, Bioland, QCertificazioni).

To access information on products listed on the Italian Input List, please refer to the product search section. 

If you are a company interested to get its product included into the Italian Input List, please refer to the section for product submission. 

For general information, please access the background information section