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About the Italian Input List

The Italian Input List is a public register of inputs that may legally be used by certified organic farmers in Italy. It is generated in a co-operation between FiBL and Federbio. The Italian Input List is a result of thorough evaluation of commercial products against relevant legislation and requirements. In order to access information on products listed on the Italian Input List, refer to to "product search" section. 

If you are a company representative and wish to get your products listed on the Italian Input List, refer to the section for product submission

Why an Italian Input List?

Farmers need a wide range of inputs, such as fertilizers, plant strengtheners or plant protection products etc. in order to keep their crops healthy. The organic farming sector is quickly developing, which is why an increasing number of inputs for organic agriculture is offered on national and international level. Unlike organic food or feed, inputs for organic production are not subject to compulsory inspection and certification. It is not possible for a farmer to determine whether an input contains only authorized materials. The use of non-authorised materials poses a substantial risk for the individual organic farmer as well as for the organic sector as a whole.

The Italian Input List is based on expert evaluation and long-standing scientific experience in assessing inputs for organic agriculture. The Italian Input List increases transparency and improves the reliability in terms of inputs to be used legally in the organic production and hence supports the different stakeholders of the sector. 

Who benefits from the Italian Input List?

The Italian Input List benefits several parties: authorities and institutions, input manufacturers and distributors, control bodies and, most importantly, organic farmers.

Organic farmers

The Italian Input List is a robust, trustworthy, user-friendly and easily accessible tool for organic production. Organic farmers and processors in Italy can consult the Italian Input List in order to find information about commercial input products which comply with the rules for organic production and which have been transparently evaluated by the Italian Input List technical experts. Information for farmers is primarily provided on the website of Federbio in Italian language.

Authorities and control bodies

Besides providing support to organic farmers and processors, also national authorities and control bodies clearly take advantage of the Italian Input List as it provides the baseline for the input quality control system at no cost. Representatives of national authorities and control bodies may contact Federbio for specific inquiries. 

Organic input manufacturers and distributors

Manufacturers and traders of inputs for organic production have an interest in demonstrating that their products have been evaluated and found to comply with the organic production rules. The Italian Input List provides transparent information on compliant products. Furthermore, it provides a single entry point for organic input manufacturers to access the italian input-market. Manufacturers and traders of Inputs interested in the Italian Input List may directly refer to the section on product submission

The Italian Input List as part of the European Input List

The Italian Input List is part of a series of national input lists which are united under the umbrella of the ‘European Input List’. All national lists affiliated to the European Input List are private standard directories. 

Note: Products listed on the Italian Input List will be automatically also included into the European Input List throughout its next update.

About the project partners

FiBL is an independent, non-profit, research institute with the aim of advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic agriculture. FiBL’s research team works together with farmers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost agricultural productivity while never losing sight of environmental, health and socio-economic impacts. Alongside practical research, FiBL gives high priority to transferring knowledge into agricultural practice through advisory work, training and conferences. FiBL has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Brussels (FiBL Europe) and numerous projects and initiatives in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. To learn more about FiBL, please visit its website. 

FederBio is a federation of national importance that has been established in 1992 on the initiative of organizations from the entire chain of organic and biodynamic agriculture, with the aim of protecting and promoting its development. FederBio is recognized as the institutional representation of the sector in national and regional groups and committees. Through its current member organisations, FederBio brings together almost all the representatives of the organic sector, active in production, processing, distribution, certification, standardisation and the protection of the interests of organic operators and other professionals in Italy. To learn more about FederBio, please visit its website


L’Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Italian Input List is composed of representatives of several research institutes (IBE-CNR, CREA, Fondazione MACH, IAMB, Università di Cagliari, Laimburg, Bioland, QCertificazioni). The task of the Advisory Board is to define and approve  -in accordance with FiBL- specific evaluation criteria for products to be included into the Italian Input List. These criteria also take into account the peculiarities and needs of the Italian organic farming sector. The basic and supplemental evaluation criteria are applicable to products for plant nutrition, plant protection as well as to plant strengtheners.